Excel University Resource Library

The Excel University Resource Library provides ongoing online access to the key course materials, namely, the lecture videos, book chapters, solutions videos, and Excel exercise files.


NASBA sets the enrollment period of a course to one year, and as a CPE sponsor, Excel University is bound by this term. However, many students want continued access to the materials even after they finish the course. That is why we created the Resource Library. It is separate from the course and is provided for reference only (not for CPE credit). As such, we can provide continued access on a subscription basis.


The Resource Library is designed to accompany the online courses, not replace them. Thus, the Resource Library is available with the purchase of a training bundle only and not on its own.


Resource Library access is provided on an annual subscription basis. At the end of the one-year subscription, you’ll receive a renewal email notice with a link to optionally continue access to the Resource Library on a subscription basis if desired for about $5 per month or $47 per year.


Enroll into any Excel University training bundle and receive free access to the Resource Library during your enrollment term.


More information on Excel University training bundles: