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Our Campus Pass is our most popular option because it includes all Undergrad and Masters lessons. If you require Continuing Education CPE credit, then check our our individual Courses instead.

  • Our monthly Campus Pass includes our Undergrad and Masters lessons.
  • Undergraduate courses 1-4 teach classic Excel features and functions.
  • Masters courses 1-2 teach Power Query, Power Pivot and VBA Macros.
  • Check out our Topic List to see which Excel items are covered
Graduate Certification Program (40 CPE)

In this accelerated program that covers the same topics as the individual Undergrad 1-4 courses, you'll learn how to use Excel to work fast. You'll earn the Excel University Graduate Certification upon completion. 

Campus Pass

Includes our Undergraduate and Masters catalog plus live Office Hours. Gamification ensures this is the most fun you'll have learning Excel!

Subscription: $39.00 per month
Masters 1 (19 CPE)

Use Power Query and Power Pivot to streamline your reporting process. Learn to design your reports and graphs for effective communication.

Masters 1-2 (46 CPE)

Learn Power Query, Power Pivot, and VBA macros to work fast. Earn the Excel University Masters Certification upon completion.

Power Query Intro (2.5 CPE)

Learn the fundamentals of Power Query and discover how it can help you import and prepare data. Power Query is a critical Excel skill.