Frequently Asked Questions

Which course is right for me?


How do gift codes work?

  • When you buy a gift code, the system sends you (the buyer) an email that you can forward to the student when you want to give the gift
  • When you receive a gift code, click the button in the email to redeem it ... or you can redeem a gift code manually


Are your courses offered for CPE credit for CPAs?

  • Yes, we are a NASBA CPE sponsor and our Courses are offered for Continuing Professional Education credit: Continuing Education CPE


Are your courses offered for CE credit for CFP® Professionals?

  • Yes, we are a CFP CE sponsor and SOME of our Courses are offered for Continuing Education credit: CE Course Information


What are the differences between a Campus Pass subscription and your Courses?


Which Excel topics are taught?


Do you offer a free sample course?


Do you offer Group Enrollments options and discounts?

  • Yes ... the store automatically provides group discounts depending on group size, generally 20% - 50% off. More info: Group Enrollments.


I bought a pack of course licenses ... how do I assign them to my students?


Who are the course instructors?


What is the refund policy?

  • We offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


I'm trying to get approval to enroll. Do you have a handout I forward to my supervisor?

  • Yes ... download it here.


I have more questions!