Courses vs Subscription

Excel University courses were originally designed for accounting and finance professionals. Over time, we've come to discover that Excel University appeals to a far wider audience. As such, we have created two training options: Courses and a Subscription plan. While anyone can register for either option, please note that only the Courses are offered for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit.


Course Enrollment - If you require CPE credit or don't like monthly subscriptions, consider enrolling in a course. Payment is made in full at the time of registration. Consistent with all CPE providers, the enrollment period is one year. Students who want continued access to the course materials can optionally join the Alumni Association. The Excel University Graduate and Masters Certifications can be earned by completing the related courses.

Campus Pass Subscription - If you do not need CPE credit or prefer to pay as you go, consider a Campus Pass subscription. Payment is collected monthly while you work through the materials at your own pace and schedule. When you are done, easily cancel with the Manage Subscription link. Both Excel University certifications (Graduate and Masters) can be earned by completing the included training programs. 


The chart below summarizes the key differences.



Course Enrollment

Campus Pass Subscription

 Continuing Education (CPE) Credit    
 Guest Lectures    
 Alumni Association (optional)    
 One-year Enrollment Period    
 Monthly Subscription    
 Extreme Gamification    
 Office Hours    
 Student Union    
 Excel University Graduate Certification     
 Excel University Masters Certification    
 Discussion Forums     
 Quizzes with Feedback     
 Final Exam     
 Certificate of Completion
 Lecture Videos      
 Excel Homework Exercises      
 Solutions Videos      
 Begin Training Immediately