Excel University Alumni Association

As a way to support students on an ongoing basis, we invite students to join the Alumni Association near the end of their enrollment period.


Membership dues support the Excel University Scholarship program. With your generous support, we are able to provide cash and enrollments to accounting undergraduate students in accredited U.S. colleges and universities.


The Excel University Alumni Association offers many benefits, discussed below.


Webinar Archive

The webinar archive contains a permanent copy of all Excel University webinars.


Resource Library

The Resource Library provides the content from your Excel University courses, but, without the CPE-related components. So, it makes a great way to reference the lecture videos, Excel files, and solutions after you have completed the course. When you join the Alumni Association, the system will locate all of your historical Excel University course enrollments and provide access to the corresponding resource libraries. It is a great way to maintain an online library of all of your Excel University course materials.


Exclusive Q&A Events

As an Excel University Alum, you'll receive invitations to Q&A sessions. I review questions submitted in the discussion forums, and, I pick a few to answer in a webinar. I'll demonstrate the approach I would use in practice, and, walk through the details of my suggested solution.


Discussion Forum

Post your Excel questions into the discussion forum, and Alum and Excel University staff help answer them.


Additional Resources

These are typically digital downloads...stuff like ebooks, workbooks, and shared templates.



The Excel University Alumni Association is available to students that have enrolled in an Excel University Volume bundle. Near the end of the one-year enrollment period, the system sends an email with an invitation to join. Dues are about $5 per month or $47 per year, and go to support the Excel University Scholarship program.