Group Purchases of 2 or More

If you'd like to enroll multiple students, the store will automatically provide a discount when you order a product with a quantity of 2 or more.


When you order 2 or more of the same course, the website will assume that you are a training coordinator rather than a student. This means that you will be able to Manage Enrollments and assign the enrollments to students as desired. You can assign an enrollment to yourself as a student as well.


When you assign an enrollment license to a student, the student is notified via email and provided login information to access the course. They will have the option to change their password and other profile information if desired.


Please note that if you buy a quantity of 2 or more, the store won't automatically enroll you into that course. Thus, when you login to the Excel University Campus, you won't have the course available until you use the manage enrollments screen to enroll into the course as a student.