Groups of 2 or More

Automatic Group Discounts

If you'd like to enroll multiple students, the store will automatically provide the corresponding discount when you order a product with a quantity of 2 or more. Some products already reflect the discount in the list price, while others offer discounts based on group size. The store automatically computes any applicable discounts during checkout.

Training Coordinator

When you order 2 or more of the same course, the system will set up your account as a Training Coordinator rather than a Student. This means that you will have access to the Manage Enrollments screen where you can assign the course licenses to students as desired. You can assign an enrollment to yourself as a student as well.

Tip: if another person may inherit your role in the future, create a generic Training Coordinator account so that you can easily hand off the login information to the next person. If you also want to take a course as a Student, use a different email address in order to keep your Student account separate from the Training Coordinator account.


Manage Enrollments

In the Manage Enrollments screen, you will first create a List. The system will use this list to associate courses with students. You then select the Course for the list. If you are registering for a training pass, select ALL items (GradProg, MastersProg, Administration, Office Hours, Student Union). Finally, you assign Students to the list. When you assign a student to the list, the system enrolls the student in the related course and notifies the student via email.

Tip: When you name your list, use a name that indicates which Course is associated with the list and an enrollment date for future reference, such as "Campus Pass Jan 2030." Although the licenses don't expire, the one-year enrollment period begins once you assign the license to the student.



  • If you buy a quantity of 2 or more, the store sets you up as a Training Coordinator and will not automatically enroll you into that course.
  • Once your account is identified as a Training Coordinator, the system will not enroll you into the purchased course even if you purchase a quantity of 1 of a course in the future.  
  • Once a license is assigned to a student, it is assigned permanently and the system doesn't support moving licenses from student to student over time. If you delete a student from a list, it does not free up a license. 
  • Licenses do not expire and the one-year enrollment period begins when you assign a course licenses to a student.