Graduate Certification and Volumes


Both the Excel University Graduate Certification program (40 CPE) and the individual Excel University courses (Full Volumes 1-4, 55 CPE) lead to the same certification. Here is a quick background and comparison.


The certification program and the V1-4 courses teach the same Excel topics, but, as I was planning the certification program, I decided to re-shoot all the videos and roll it out as a single course. Plus, the certification program includes the textbooks (printed or Kindle), whereas they are optionally available directly from Amazon for students taking the individual volume courses.


So, the main differences between the certification program and the taking the V1-4 courses (individually or in a bundle) are:


  • • Printed textbooks are included with certification program (this is why the certification program enrollment fee is a bit higher than the individual volume courses)
  • • The certification program is an "abridged" version which focuses on the most important topics (this is why the certification program provides 40 CPE hours and the individual volumes provide 55 CPE hours)
  • • The individual volume courses include 100+ short (10-20 minute) lecture videos whereas the certification program contains 16 hour-long pre-recorded webinars (plus the short lecture videos for reference)
  • • The certification program includes 4 bonus courses (Get & Transform Intro, Power BI Intro, VBA Intro, Dashboards Intro)
  • • The certification program includes one free year of Alumni Association 


Both ultimately lead to the certification, so, it is really just a matter of personal preference.